Wrestling Camp (Rutgers 6/27-6/30) Reflection

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Learned:- [ ] Check if I can get Open Mat Time at High School

– [ ] Just take a shot!

– [ ] Wrestling is 90% MENTAL

– [ ] Be a predator; not prey!! (Don’t think about what others think of you)

– [ ] Limit screen time and social media during season–too much pressure; just think about wrestling

– [ ] Associate wrestling with something good

– [ ] Before your match, don’t listen to something that gets you pumped up, but to something that soothes got nervousness and makes you have fun and laugh

– [ ] Don’t just move, think about the move to do (Finesse over brute force)

– [ ] DRILL, DRILL, DRILL EVERYDAY — shadow wrestling is good, hip heists, shots, etc. 

– [ ] Use your legs

– [ ] Chain wrestling


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Now I am 10 years old and I know I haven’t wrote in a really long time so I promise at least every week or more to write a paragraph or something special. I am at my cousins house today I am having a lot of fun. we keep going out and I got a really nice toy that my really nice father got for me. It is 2 days past my dads birthday already when I get home, I plan to make a card for him to show I appreciate him. anyways that is all for today.

Black Hole

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I went to Space Camp for my summer camp. I like black holes and I tried to make one myself from a picture of a GalaxyVarun Black Hole

This is a little about me!

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My name is Varun. I am 7 years old. My birthday is March 11th. I was born in the Pisces constellation. I live in Hillsborough, NJ.

I am good at arts and crafts, I like to draw anything. My favorite drawing so far is the king cobra that I drew. I like painting and coloring.

I like to write. My favorite animal is the Cheetah. My favorite bird is the Bald Eagle.

My dad is Surajit. His birthday is November 1st. My dad was born in the Scorpio constellation.   My mom is Komal. Her birthday is November 13th. My mom was born in the Scorpio constellation. My brother is Rohan. My brother is 5 years old. His birthday is on May 3rd.He was born in the Taurus constellation.

I love my family.

My brother helps me do arts and crafts.

That is all that I can write today


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This is my very special corner that I come to when I want to think out loud, and write something

You can do the same – tell me what you dream about, what you like to do for fun, stuff like that